Christmas Present: Part Two


Merry Christmas everyone! If you don’t celebrate I hope you did something fun anyway. I didn’t actually take any pictures even though I got more camera stuff, I just kind of forgot and lived in the moment.

I had a really good day and I’m just going to take this post pretty easily just because it’s Christmas and my sister woke me up at 7:45 and I kinda just want to relax. I got some really nice sweaters, I don’t know if that’s my family’s way of telling me I need to dress nicer, but jokes on them sweaters and leggings go great together.

I got a book so I can finally read for fun which I feel like I haven’t done in FOREVER. I hate that I don’t read for fun at school but I had a lit class last semester so my free reading time was spent reading for class and then to be honest I didn’t really want to read after that, I just wanted to relax. I also got some lenses and filters for my camera so that will be fun to mess around with, I need to go on an adventure to try them all out.

I decided that I’m going to brave the mall tomorrow, the after Christmas sales might be worth it so I’m going to try my hardest to get in and get out. I have a few gift card to LUSH, The Body Shop, and Barnes and Noble, so I want to shop for me. I feel like I do that too much but not enough at the same time. Whenever I shop for myself it’s small things I either really want (then they’re usually cheap too) or things I need so I want to get some things that I kind of just want because I want them without reason. I probably buy too much for myself to be honest but I want to do it anyway with money that other people gave me. I do have to get my car fixed, well I don’t know if it’s actually broken we just have to see what’s wrong with the tire. I hate taking my car to the shop it’s so depressing.

What did your day entail? Is anyone else going shopping tomorrow and are there any sales I should know about?



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