Christmas Present: Part One

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! And Happy Hanukkah since it’s the last day of that! I realized that I said I would do Christmas present but then I realized all of Christmas hasn’t happened yet and I don’t have any magical powers that will get tomorrows pictures here today so I just spent Christmas Eve with my dads family so here are some pictures from that!


Here I am with my sisters, Sarah, me, and Julia. This was before we went to church.


In case you are interested in what I wore for Christmas, I’m wearing a burgundy and white dress from Charming Charlie’s, nude heels from Payless, and a black cardigan from Forever 21.


Here is an updated Christmas picture of all the cousins on my dad’s side of the family. In order from bottom to top (youngest to oldest) Chloe, Julia, Aaron, Jonathan, Sean, Sarah, me, Rachael, and Chris. This was very hard to organize and I felt very bad asking everyone to do this but I did anyway just for the memories.


At first glance this may look like the other picture, but for this one my grandparents jumped in too!

Do you guys celebrate anything on Christmas Eve or if you celebrate Hanukkah or anything else what did you do today?



One response to “Christmas Present: Part One”

  1. As you know I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. For Hanukkah I went to my Aunt’s a few days ago and today I went to my Grandpa’s for Christmas.

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