Time Management.


My time management has never been great. I don’t know why but I either have too much or too little, I never feel like, “wow that was perfect timing” because for me it never is. I spend so much time doing things that don’t need to be done for a month and so little time working on things that should be done. You think after nearly 21 years I would realize this and fix it, but I don’t.

For example, I’m currently house/dog sitting and I thought to myself “oh I should go back and let the dogs out before work,” while I was at home getting ready. Well somewhere in my mind I made up that I had to leave home at noon to be able to leave where I was house sitting by 2:30. That just doesn’t make sense but when I left my house at noon it made perfect sense. Now I’m sitting here while the dogs play with their toys thinking about how poor my time management is when I could have stayed home for another hour and cleaned my room or figured out where to put the rest of my dorm things.

To me this time management is more frustrating than anything else because it makes me so anxious. Time to me is the most valuable resource and I hate wasting it.  When I procrastinate, I’m usually not wasting time, I’m doing something I want to do over something I should be doing. However, time management is me just not understanding the value of time and math. For example, my college is almost exactly two hours away from my house, however, there are times where I figure that it will take me 3-4 hours to get there but only an hour to get home. It might come from my perpetual fear of being late, however, my earliness has been getting the better of me for quite sometime now. I’m always adding or subtracting too much time. I need to figure out promptness and how to achieve it.

Time management is my enemy, well really, time is my enemy. Why do we have time zones? Why do we participate in Daylight Savings? Why can’t I figure out how to manage the time I have? I just don’t understand. I feel like I need to start planning out every hour so I can make sure I don’t have any time that goes wasted. Does anyone have any time management tips?? I need them.

Sometimes I’m good at it, like being early isn’t a bad thing. However, it’s bad when I’m twiddling my thumbs for an hour because I’m too early.

Help me and my poor time management skills.



6 responses to “Time Management.”

  1. I’m always early for things! I hate hate hate being late to anything, so usually if I’m super early, I bring a book along to read in the car or maybe work on future blog posts on my laptop before class starts. Time management is so hard.

    1. Right, being late is the worst! I used to bring a book everywhere with me, but I don’t know what’s happened with that! I do write or start blog posts here and there, I’m unfortunately the type of person who writes them all in one go.

  2. I’m always juuuuuust on time or five minutes late when it comes to university haha. There is the odd time when I’m way early, but that’s just when I look over class materials for the day, read a book, catch up on reading blogs, or create my own posts :) If I’m early to a meeting in the city then I go for a walk because it gives me time to orientate myself and I usually get to see a part of the city that I would have missed otherwise :) Win-win!

    1. Oh my goodness, I wish I was just on time for my classes but I’m always fifteen minutes early! Which is absurd. I do try to make the best of my time, sometimes there’s just not much to do unfortunately.

      1. Being early is still better than being late or not there at all! You’re doing better than me haha.

        1. Haha no! We are just doing it differently haha

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