Dead Conversations: Social Media and Personability.

social media

I feel as if with social media there are so many dead conversations and empty days. While yes when you sit on your phone when you’re out to dinner you could very well be communicating with a whole slew of people, but what about the people who are right in front of you?

Something that always bothers me is when I go out with a group of friends and everyone is just on their phones, but I also know that I can be an offender of this as well, but I’m trying not to be. We get so caught up in what we might be missing that we forget to look at what’s right in front of us. Sometimes I feel like when I’m out with a group of people they’re looking for what’s better and that’s what they’re going to find on their phones. You’re with a whole group of people, why do you need to talk to more? What about the people right in front of you?

I think as Millennials there is that constant need to be connected, and I think that can get mixed up by what a connection is. A connection can be more than through a phone or computer, it’s even more personal in person which seems to have been forgotten a lot of the time. We become less of a person online and in return less present to those who are right in front of us, so we just keep becoming lesser and lesser. People bully online because they can’t physically see the consequences, they don’t think of the person on the receiving end as a person. It’s not the same as communicating face to face, it’s not a bad way of communicating, I know it’s actually a great way. However, not when there are other people that you are supposed to be engaging with around.

Since I’ve been away I’ve noticed that people are less attached to the phones, especially the people who didn’t pay for data here. While, yes sometimes there is that search for wifi a lot of the time, when it’s not immediately available people are connect with what’s around them rather than what’s on the screen in front of them.

It’s important to use this new technology and talk to people, however, it’s also important to remember those who are right in front of us.  Remember to put down the phone, put away the laptops and tablets, and connect with everyone around you. Whether that’s a night out with friends or just a quick coffee, those connections are just as important as the ones you’re making on the phone. Now, I’m not saying, never use your phone in public, I would be a hypocrite to say that. I’m not saying make a connection with every person you encounter, I’m just saying make time with the people around you count.  This is something I need to get better with myself too. I know that I have a habit of being on my phone way too much, and it’s something I need to try and stop too, but I think this needs to be a group effort, something everyone is working towards.

4 responses to “Dead Conversations: Social Media and Personability.”

  1. Mary,
    I totally agree with you! While I sometimes check my email when I’m at a friend’s house really quick or something, for the most part, I try not to be on my phone too much. The whole point to me of going out and being with friends or family is to talk to THEM, not be on the phone trying to communicate with someone else. I know my mom has even said to us that she’s happy that unlike other people, when we go out we don’t stare at our phones the whole time. Not that a lot of my family members do, but some of them are practically glued to their phone or they simply don’t say anything at all, which isn’t very nice. I know that some people aren’t very sociable and that’s fine, but when you seem to care about the people on your phone or laptop more than the people right in front of you, that’s just rude.

    I can’t say that I don’t love being able to communicate online, for without this ability I would never have met you or a lot of other blogging friends that I have come across. However, there is definitely something to be said about talking to people in person.

    • I totally agree. I love going out and putting my phone away just as much as I love staying in curled up on my laptop blogging, talking to people all over the world, and watching netflix. There’s just a time and a place in my opinion.

  2. Ugh, YES! While I also am guilty of this, I hate that it is so ingrained in our culture to “multi-task” relationships. Like, if we get coffee together, lets get coffee together, not sit on Facebook together while drinking coffee. Virtual communication is wonderful and has its place, but we need to find a better balance with face-to-face conversation and be more committed to the interaction we are in at a specific moment.

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