Saved by the Bell

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Saved by the Bell.”

I had to respond to this post simply because of the title, what a great show. Anyway, I am the kind of person that gets saved by the bell probably about 30% of the time.  I’m one of those people who says the wrong thing at the wrong time and nine times out of ten I feel like my foot is in my mouth, it’s probably not, I just feel like it is.

I say a lot or I guess I could say that I have been saved by the bell, quite frequently.  I guess that would also tell you how frequently my foot should be in my mouth. This issue comes with not having much of a filter when I’m talking. I just say what I think and I can’t help it. I need to further develop my filter because at the moment it doesn’t hold back much of anything.

I can’t even think of my biggest “saved by the bell moment” there are too many. I’m sure my friends have gotten me out of conversations that I was talking myself into a hole. I don’t know when to shut my mouth basically is the moral of this story. It’s not even like I mean it half the time, the words just come out in a mixed up way that I don’t mean them to. It just gets jumbled up in my brain and things come out worse than I mean them to.  I wish I had a really good story but it’s just so frequent that there’s no good story that just jumps out to me.

Moral of the story, learn from me, think about what you say before you say it, because then you don’t need to think about being saved by the bell, you don’t even have to get in those situations.  I really wish I had a totally cringe worthy story to share but I can’t think of any. Just I hope you never have to be saved by the bell, instead just watch the amazing show.



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