12 Days of Christmas: Day 9- The Best Bits of Christmas

day 9
My computer is currently resting while it waits for a screw so I’m using my iPad. Therefore, today’s post will be kind of short and simple because I hate typing on my iPad. 

  1. Seeing and spending time with  family. This year it is especially important to me because I missed Thanksgiving so I’m really missing everyone. 
  2. Lots of sweets. I like to try all of the cookies and other things that people bring for dessert. 
  3. Everyone is happy on Christmas. Everyone might be cranky leading up to Christmas but I feel like on Christmas everyone is happy. 
  4. Christmas Eve mass is just beautiful and celebratory and I love that it makes me feel festive every year. 
  5. The food. It’s a feast. 
  6. I love all the decorations. It just shows how much people care about the holiday which I think is pretty cool. 
  7. I find that people ar more generous around the holidays and I’m glad that they are helping and caring for more people.  
  8. The youthfulness it brings to people. I love that people have a childlike attitude at Christmas time. It’s like everyone wants to believe in Santa. 
  9. Festive wear. Holiday sweaters, need I say more?
  10. Love. Everyone loves and shows their love at Christmas time. 

What are your favorite parts of the holiday?



One response to “12 Days of Christmas: Day 9- The Best Bits of Christmas”

  1. These are good reasons to love Christmas, Mary! Here are some of mine:

    1.) Getting together with family (I get to see my Aunt and Uncle along with my cousins, even if my cousins don’t really talk to me for some reason. I also get to see my grandpa! :) )

    2.) The decorations. They’re so pretty and they just put me in a better mood. :)

    3.) Giving and getting gifts. I’m not going to lie, I still love getting gifts. I love giving gifts that I know people will love as well!

    4.) The food! Because it’s delicious! I’m really looking forward to ham, French Beans, chip and dip, and STUFFING!

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