You’re Using Social Media Wrong!

Social media is our biggest free marketing tool and I’m sure that most people are not using it to their full advantage! I know that even though I’m a huge advocate for milking social media for all it’s worth I’m not using it the way I should be! So let’s make a plan together to fully utilize social media in 2020!

Here’s my plan:

  • Start following hashtags on Instagram or at least scan through some favorite hashtags every evening. Here are two I’m going to start checking out regularly:
    • #lifestyleblogger
    • #socialmediastrategy
  • After you do that 🡡 follow some of the people you find! (And me @marysavrgadvtrs)
  • Post on Instagram and Stories!!! I get so stuck on what to post, especially in my feed so I’ve been trying to be at least active on stories for now. However, I’m going to start taking more photos and stop overthinking so much before posting.
  • Utilize Pinterest! Personally, I have the most reach on Pinterest but I think I have 2 blog posts that I actively promote- WHY? It’s time to take your blog or anything you’re creating to Pinterest!
  • Get sassy! Show your personality! Social media is the best place to showcase yourself, so do it! That’s my tried and true method. I’ve posted the worst pictures/angles/questions/stories about myself. Why? Because for me, my accounts are more than a highlight reel, I like to show my real and raw moments.
  • Be intentional with your time. This is my personal biggest struggle when it comes to growing my personal brand. I spend so much time working on my employer’s social media that I neglect my own. I never thought I would get tired of staring at a computer screen! However, if I’m on my phone playing my 100th Soduku game of the day, it’s time to get on Instagram and make connections. It’s time to be on Pinterest. It’s time to think of my personal growth strategy!

So friends, let’s go be intentional! Let me know what you’re doing wrong on social media in the comments! Questions? Drop them below or shoot me a DM!

xoxo mary rose

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