My Current Favorite Podcasts

I have quite the commute for work which has only gotten longer since we moved. I started to listen to podcasts when I was in college, but really started getting into them once I had a long commute. So if you’re looking for something new to listen to there might be some new finds in here!

  • Coffee Convos | This is my current favorite, even though they’re on hiatus for apparent legal reasons. I love to hear people talk, probably because I love to talk and that’s what this podcast is. It features Lindsie Chrisley Campbell who was on “Chrisley Knows Best” and Kail Lowery from “Teen Mom 2.” I didn’t watch either show before stumbling upon this podcast, but have since become a fan of “Teen Mom 2.” Much like this blog, there’s no real topic, in my opinion. They cover everything under the sun and just chat like friends chat!
  • Chatty Broads | This show is hosted by Bekah Martinez, a former Bachelor contestant, and Jess Ambrose, a Bachelor fan and friend of Bekah. As a “Bachelor” fan this show is great, and as a woman, this show is great. During any “Bachelor” season they do day-after recaps. I love this because it’s a good refresher and seeing it from the point of view of someone who was on the show before. On the days they aren’t recapping the show, they go in-depth about women’s issues such as fertility, sexuality, and more. Some of my personal favorite episodes go explore spirituality, God, and how to just be connected with oneself. If podcasts aren’t your thing, they also have a YouTube channel!
  • Sierra Unfiltered | This is an awesome body-positive podcast recorded by two best friends, Sierra and Skylar. I found Sierra Schultzzie on my YouTube recommended page and she really helped me start my body-positivity journey. Like the previous two posts, I love hearing friends chat, and these chats are particularly inspiring. I feel like I’m in a similar life phase as them, which makes them quite relatable. As the title states, it’s unfiltered! Again, there is also a YouTube channel for those who would rather watch than listen!
  • My Favorite Murder | A classic podcast for podcast listeners. Other than Serial, this was the podcast that really got me interested in Podcasts. Obviously, it’s about murder, but it also hilarious. The hosts, although they have gone through problematic phases, overall, I think they’re helping more than they’re harming.
  • Moms and Murder | I’d like to call this “family friendly” murder, but that’s not really a thing. However, there’s no swearing, it’s very well researched, and although they discuss heavy topics they avoid child death, rape, and extremes generally. It’s refreshing to hear a more mild version of true crime, in my personal opinion.
  • And That’s Why We Drink | Ghosts, true crime, and comedy, what more can you ask for? Really, this podcast is put on by two friends, Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer. Em explores the paranormal and Christine dives into the true crime. While these can be heavy topics, they use comedy, confusion, and real-life experiences to make it entertaining!
  • Office Ladies | I am pre-mourning “The Office” leaving Netflix, but this podcast is helping ease the pain. The hosts are Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey and they’re recapping “The Office” with details from behind the scenes, what was improvised, what wasn’t, and more! I’ve heard that some people have issue with it being “too scripted” but it doesn’t bother me since I’m there for the information!
  • Beach too Sandy, Water too Wet | If you think people on Yelp, Google, and Amazon reviews are absolutely ridiculous, this is the podcast for you. Basically, the sibling hosts, Christine (yes, same Christine from above) and Alex Schiefer, challenge each other weekly to find ridiculous reviews of a specific type of place or location in a city and follow up with an obscure challenge that often revolves around products and less than places.

Let me know your favorite podcasts in the comments! I’m always looking for more!

xoxo mary rose


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