I’m Pregnant!

I’m reaching my peak- turning into a mommy blogger!

Finding Out…

I got my birth control taken out in January because I felt that it was negatively impacting my mental and physical health. After that was out of my system I started tracking my ovulation using a bulk test kit I ordered on Amazon, it happened to have a bunch of pregnancy tests in it too. I would say that we didn’t use it for birth control like we intended to, so one morning I decided to take one of the tests that was sitting there, put it down and forgot about it.

I’ve been working from home since quarantine started so when I went to the bathroom a few hours later and saw two lines on the test I had taken that morning I promptly lost my mind. I sent my lovely husband to the store immediately to pick up an early response test because I had to know. He came back with one of the ones that either says clear as day “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” and of course, mine said pregnant.

We found out so early- I was about three and a half weeks pregnant when we got a several positive tests.

Telling Our Families

The hardest part about finding out that we were going to have a baby was that we couldn’t be with our family to tell them. While my husband’s sister and mom live in Florida, my family only lives 2 hours a way and I tend to visit about once a month. However, with the “Stay at Home” orders in place, we couldn’t visit.

We got each of our families on FaceTime and told them while I was wearing a shirt that said “Baby Mama.” As someone who loves dramatics and hubbub, this was a little anticlimactic, but there was no way we could wait to tell them.

My Pregnancy so far…

So far, I am ready for the first trimester to be over. I’m just over 11 weeks pregnant with a 12/11/2020 due date. The first few weeks were fine, and then the nausea hit hard. I never thought I’d be a person to actually vomit during pregnancy- I don’t know why I had that belief, but I am not blessed in that aspect. The food aversions have been insane- for example I made peanut butter icing because of a craving- which I have yet to eat.

Other than the constant nausea I’ve been okay- Leslie has definitely picked up on the pregnancy as she is now ALWAYS by my side. Migraines are tough because I can only take Tylenol and that doesn’t do much.

And now?

Well now, I’m excited. I’m ready to be a mom, it’s what I’ve wanted to be for a very long time now. I’m very excited to start this journey as a mommy blogger. Most importantly I’m ready to meet this little girl or boy.

Take this time to make your gender guesses in the comments! We should know in about 2ish weeks!


2 responses to “I’m Pregnant!”

  1. Roseanne Milligan Avatar
    Roseanne Milligan

    I predict a boy!

  2. Disability Pride Avatar
    Disability Pride


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