First Trimester Recap

my first trimester

I am now 16 weeks and some odd days pregnant! The baby is the size of a naval orange (no I do not know the difference between a naval orange and a regular orange). I am very, very relieved to be out of the first trimester.

In the first trimester, I spent a lot of time throwing up, sleeping, not sleeping, and generally feeling crappy. I found the only blessing of Covid-19 to be the fact that I was quarentined at home for the bulk of those first weeks. I got to stay in comfy clothes, not wear a bra, and sleep until I aboslutely had to get up for work. Plus, the ability to throw up in the comfort of my own home and not the side of the road (been there, done that) is a luxary I didn’t even think about.

One of the hardest parts about being pregnant in general, at least for me, has been migraines. While I typically get migraines on the regular, an Excedrin or two usually fixes that, and if not, I’m only out of commission for a day. Now, I can only take extra-strength Tylenol with some caffeine and that is not nearly as effective. I have found that as my progesterone levels are naturally decreasing, that the number of migraine days I’m having is also decreasing. If anyone else has progesterone induced migraines- let me know what has helped you!

In regards to testing, I’ve gone above and beyond with whatever tests we can get. As an anxious person, I want to know exactly what I’m getting myself into and I want to know every risk. This meant that both Joe and I got tested for any genetic testing that the baby could be at risk for, as well as NIPT, and a visit to make sure that it’s not a high-risk pregnancy. So far, everything looks good and it really put me at ease. While we did spend some extra money to do so, it really helped me feel at ease.

I would also say that my first trimester dwindled a little bit into my second trimester. It wasn’t until 16 weeks that I really started recovering, and I still will have bouts of nausea. I’d say the only benefit of this has been Joe has taken over the cat litter, but that was also recommended by the doctor.

Now that I’m out of first trimester and starting to feel better I’m looking forward to sharing more of this experience! Let me know if there is anything specifically that you’d like to know about my pregnancy!

How was your first trimester, what was your biggest surprise? I was definitely surprised at how sick I was, I was not prepared at all for that.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram- we did do a gender reveal so I will be sharing that next!

xoxo mary rose

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