My Top Ten Least Favorite Things.

So my blog has been rather negative recently so I decided to continue with that trend for today, even though this may be a little funnier. Also today was Chicken Nugget Thursday (yes that deserves to be a proper noun) so it was a lot better than the rest of the week. Plus I get to go home for the weekend tomorrow and shopping so I’m excited. So onto my least favorite things.

Here’s a little disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend anyone with this and I think I’m a lot funnier than I actually am.

1.  Public Restrooms. I hate how dirty they are and I don’t like not knowing who else has touched and used stuff in them and how dirty those people are.

2.  Noisy places.  They just stress me out in general and they make me really anxious.

3.  Slow people. This makes school in the south hard sometimes because they are a lot more relaxed and I like things fast, I like to drive fast, walk fast, eat fast. I hate slow things.

4.  Dirty things. I don’t mind if things are messy but once something’s actually dirty it really grosses me out.

5.  People who drive. I should be the only one allowed on the road, my life would be a lot better this way.

6.  Dishevelled sheets. I literally cannot stand when my sheets don’t lay just right.  They can be messy they just have to lay right. Does that make sense? Probably not.

7.  Smelly people/things. Like gross, just clean yourself/stuff.

8.  Crowds. Disperse please, I don’t like groups of people, that’s how mobs start.

9.  Conceited people. You are not all that and a bag of chips, so please get over yourself.

10. Not finishing things.  Once I start something I have to finish it even if I hate it, like books, movies, shows, ect. 

Well here is just a short list of many things I don’t like :)

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for more (search marysaverageadventur) 

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