Holiday Present Guide

Well it’s that time of year again, the time to buy your loved ones and those closest to you presents for which ever holiday you celebrate. We are now reaching cram time for presents here folks and I’m going to try and help you shop for those closest to you. 

Let’s start with family:

  • Dad: For my dad we always seem to get stuck and then we end up buying him things that have his favorite sports teams on. This has gone as far as lawn gnomes; my father has an Eagle’s lawn gnome.
  • Mom: I get my mom the same thing every year for Christmas so it’s always a breeze. For those of you who do not do that you can always go for candles/slippers/anything handmade, moms love that cheesy stuff.
  • Older sister: Now I don’t have any of these so I’m just going to list things I would like: gift cards, money, clothes, makeup, candles, lotion, body sprays, ect., just be careful that they actually like the scent. 
  • Older brother: I don’t have any of these either, so my guess would be gift cards, money, video games, and sports paraphernalia.
  • Younger sister: I have two of these and I never know what to get them so usually I just take them out for a meal, movie, or shopping (with a very small budget of course) and that way we also have some time to catch up since we don’t get to hang out often.
  • Younger brother: I don’t have any of these either so my guess would be video games, or other toys. Nerf guns are always fun (everyone likes them!)
  • Extended family: Something generic is always easy, unless they ask for something specific.  Gift cards and home necessities may not be very personal but they are always appreciated!

Now onto friends and other people you should probably buy presents for

  • Best friends: This year I am making my best friends something that has to deal with a few of our many inside jokes, these are always fun little gifts that hold memories and laughs.  My childhood best friend will be receiving a t-shirt from my college, so she has a little piece of me when she is so far away.
  • Regular friends: Forever 21 has cute little necklaces, scarves, beanies, makeup, and nail polishes all under $5! This is awesome for anyone on a budget and they are still really appreciated, so that’s what I did for a lot of my friends at school.
  • Guy friends: Now unfortunately this year I do not have any of these to buy for, but if I did I would probably go with a t-shirt, or a fun toy of sorts.  If neither of those works candy and other food always works wonders.
  • Roommates: Now this person you live with all the time so you probably know a lot about them. For example my roommate loves animal crackers, so I got her a MASSIVE tub of them, probably a good two pounds. Now depending on how close you and your roommate are will probably factor in on how much you spend on them if anything, even the smallest thing can go a long way though.
  • Acquaintances: This year, I didn’t feel the need to do this as I did in highschool because I have a pretty good idea as to who is buying me Christmas presents.  But, if you’re afraid that someone is going to buy you a present and you failed to buy them something in return, just keep some chocolate bars and candy canes with you and give that to them! The smallest gesture can go a long way in many cases. 
  • Boyfriend/ Significant Other: Again, I do not have one of these either so I will try my best on what to get them since I never was really good at this. If you have used the l-word yet (yes that would be love) there are hundred of cute little lovey dovey ideas on Pinterest like 52 reasons why I love you on a deck of cards. However, if you are afraid of that word (like myself) it never hurts to buy clothes for him/her, especially clothes you want to see them in.  If you go to different colleges a t-shirt of your school is nice to show your support for one another. 

Feel free to leave a comment if you are really stuck on anyone at all! This is really my favorite time of the year because I love buying stuff for people! 

And here are just a few more present tips:

  • Make sure you talk with everyone about a budget, you don’t want to spend $20 on someone who’s going to spend 5. 
  • Wrap them nicely, it shows you took time and effort for their present
  • Gift receipts are really important, especially when you buy clothes for people. 
  • Finally, if it’s someone important to you and you are using a label, cross out from and write love, it’s the little things that matter.

I hope this little guide helped you with some presents. It sure distracted me from studying.  One final down, three to go.  Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great holiday season!


3 responses to “Holiday Present Guide”

  1. Something that I bought for my boyfriend for our one year anniversary was an ID bracelet with our names on it, and that can work for Christmas as well! He’s worn it every single day for the past two years. Just another idea if you’d like any : )

    1. Aww that’s so cute! I hope that can help someone!

  2. […] to get motivated again. I thought I would help everyone with another present guide like I did last year, just to try and get started on the holidays and not waiting until the end of the month like […]

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