My Life’s Most Awesome Moments!

So I’m back, procrastinating. Whoops.

Okay so I know one thing I do on here is complain… A LOT! Well so I’m going to try and change that, and one way I’m going to do that is listing My Life’s Most Awesome Moments.

  • My first big, huge awesome moment was going to the Hilary Duff concert right before the fourth grade. It was such an amazing experience because I had to be one of her biggest fans at the time.  She was such an inspiration to me during my childhood so that’s something I will always carry with me.
  • My second most awesome moment was moving to my new house and my best friend’s mom bribing her to go play with me.  Originally- like any other child, I did not want to move, but I will be forever grateful for doing so because otherwise I would have never met my best friend. I’m very glad her mom said she would get candy if she went to play with me when I first moved in.
  • My next big moment was being cast in the school play in elementary school because it gave me such great confidence and leadership skills that I would have today.  On the other hand though I’m also really glad I never got casted in high school because I think my life would be very different than it is now and it really helped me see what was really important in life.
  • Now, you’ve all heard this one, but I am so glad I was invited to go to Europe before my senior year because if I wouldn’t have gone I would have never met my two best friends and I think I would be completely lost without them.
  • This next great moment I never thought it would be considered that great, but it was my decision to ask my new friends to hang out a few weeks after the trip because if it wasn’t for that we probably would’ve never gotten to be as close as we are now, because it was the first of many times going to Katie’s house, which is probably more like a second home now. Shout out to the floor and couch in the basement.
  • The final most awesome moment that I’m going to leave you guys with is something that at the time wasn’t awesome at all, but it really helped me improve my quality of life. This was my decision to ask my old best friend to stay out of my life.  I know that sounds really bad, but in life you have to let go of the things, and people that hinder your happiness, and I can honestly say after the sadness of losing my best friend wore off I felt like a ton of bricks had been taken off my shoulders.

Well those are just of few of my life’s many awesome moments! I hope you guys enjoyed them. If you have any awesome moments you want to share, comment! And also comment if you see anything special about the comment section! (I think I’m really funny) Anyway, thanks for reading!



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