Why I don’t like Pennsylvania.

So incase you were unaware I was born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, which even though it is a very family friendly place to grow up it also has a lot of problems but so does Pennsylvania as a whole. 

The first problem and biggest problem I have with where I’m from is the ignorance of the people who live here. If you don’t know anything about Lancaster County it is a very conservative and religious place, it is to the point where democrats won’t even run for certain seats in the government because there is no possible way they could win. Anywho, this makes it really hard for anyone who is different to grow up here, and by different I mean gay. I know a good amount of people who didn’t want to tell anyone because they were afraid of being bullied. To me intolerance is a huge issue and if your excuse is that God doesn’t like gays, well only He can judge so you really have no right.

Well that was the big serious rant about where I live, now the petty ones. If you didn’t know there is currently a snow storm here and in about four hours there is already about four to six inches already and this just leads to enhancing Pennsylvania’s biggest problem: the roads. I don’t know how many of you have ever been to Pennsylvania you may or may not have noticed that our roads aren’t exactly the best, and when it snows they just get ten times worse. Like they’ve been warning us about this snow storm for a good week now and have they done any preparation for it? Hardly. They already had to call a 2 hour delay for the schools tomorrow, and some schools are even closed. I just think it’s ridiculous.

Well thats about it for this weeks rant because I’m tired and yeah. Anyway I forgot to mention another thing I want to try yesterday, so I’m just gonna do it today. And this thing I’d like to try revolves around one of my Christmas presents which was a daily calendar that includes 365 days of trivia, one of my favorite things and this is all thanks to my friend Katie. So what I’m going to do is leave the question after my name along with the answer from the day before so you guys can see if you get it right! Fell free to comment with what you think the answer is actually please do that!  Anyway, so this will start today with yesterdays and todays questions since I forgot and you’ll probably get it better because I’m rubbish at explaining things. 



January 1: What makes a glass of Champagne fizz?

January 2: Why were there no U.S. competitors in 1912 when swimming events for women were introduced at the Olympics?


Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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