Incase you didn’t know yesterday was National Siblings Day, and I don’t know why I didn’t think to write about this last night, but hey, I have two little sisters! So today I thought I would do a post all about them and the three of us.


Look how cute we were! This had to be the summer because Julia’s still little, it’s funny because I’m pretty sure I’m either just wearing a big t-shirt, maybe with shorts, and Sarah’s wearing a nightgown. I’m not sure why this s even a picture, my mom probably thought we were looking cute.


I think this is in Disney Land and the main reason it’s a good picture is because my mom made us take a good one for a christmas card. I was so tan and skinny, those were the days where I would get tan and skinny.


My favorite part about this picture is that we were a mess before we left to get it done. I was annoyed with my hair and something happened that I din’t have a brown shirt. Now I’m examining the picture and Julia and I have the same style hair, minus the bags, and Sarah’s looks like hers was blowing in the wind. I also love the smile Sarah has, for some reason it’s reminding me of the “Chole” meme.


This was the summer where Sarah refused to hold my hand. So Julia and I held hands everywhere we went and Sarah thought she was too big. You’re never too old to hold your sister’s hand! This was in Canada we took a car/boat, it was pretty neat.


I think for this picture my mom made Sarah hold my hand, like it was the rules of the picture. I’m sure my dad was very annoyed that both Sarah and i were wearing flip-flops (it’s against the rules on vacation). My favorite part about this picture is that Julia is loving it, she never takes pictures now but this one she seems to not mind as much. I also like that we both do the same thing with our feet, mostly because we don’t know what to do for pictures.


I don’t know if you can see it in this picture, but I look super irritated, I think this picture was Julia’s idea and that’s why she looks the happiest. This was at Ben and Jerry’s. The thing I remember most is that BOTH of my little sisters could finish their pint(?) of ice cream and i couldn’t so mine went bad. How unfortunate.

What it comes down to in the end is that I have to people who will always be there for me- mostly because they have to be there for me. I miss them here at college and it’s weird not sitting everyday. I love when they text/call me because they always make me smile/laugh. I really couldn’t ask for better sisters. My parents better show this to them. Miss you girls. Don’t forget to hug/cuddle you siblings and make sure they know that you love them. Thanks for reading a sappy post.



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