My True Love: IHOP

I mean I’m sure you guys can guess what I had for dinner tonight FREAKING IHOP. Really guys I’m in love. If you have never been there first of all, WHY, secondly go there right now. IHOP is the best restaurant in the whole world and no one could argue with me on that. If a guy ever wanted to put a smile on my face all he would have to do is take me to IHOP.  I think my dream in life is to be sponsored by IHOP, nothing imparticualr sponsored by them, just my whole life sponsored by IHOP is my dream. So incase  you were wondering if this post was sponsored it is obviously not.

How can you not like IHOP? They literally sell anything you could want to eat, breakfast, lunch, and dinner anytime of day. IHOP is just so delicious and everyone should love it because why wouldn’t you love it?

In honor of my visit to IHOP I decided to review my meal. I went to IHOP today with two girls from my building Molly and Gabby, I always get a kick out of them. Seriously I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop laughing like the whole time.


Today I got the Harvest Grain N’ Nut Pancakes, quite different from the Double Chocolate Chip ones that I usually get. I actually only got two, not only because it’s cheaper, but I usually only eat two and a half and it’s hard to take pancakes to go. They were really good, but I missed the chocolate, I think next time I’m going to try their new french toast which looks amazing I just wasn’t up for all of the sugar tonight. The actually have a variety of syrups, which are really good, today I tried the butter pecan which was really good and sweet, as well as the original. They also have strawberry and blueberry, but I don’t like fruit really so I stay away from those.  I also can then get some turkey sausage, which is the best kind of sausage and another one of my obsessions. I think I got that plus coffee for like $6 which is amazing, that’s less than a meal at McDonald’s so it’s yummier and cheaper and maybe a little bit healthier depending on what you get.  The coffee there is also really good which trust me a lot of places manage to screw up coffee which surprises me. The waitress was so nice, and that’s actually pretty typical there, I’ve never had a bad experience with the wait staff, even the weird ones are always really friends.

Seriously everyone go to IHOP you won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

Well thanks for sticking  with me through a different type of post. Now go eat some IHOP!




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