One Year Anniversary.

Okay so I know yesterday I wrote that I was going to wait and write about my year anniversary until it was for this blog, which I’m going to do, but first I thought I would share with you my failed, deleted attempts.

The first blog I started on WordPress was because I didn’t like blogspot. I used it for about three months (I think) and I just wasn’t happy with it. WordPress in my opinion is better organized, and I could figure out how to actually read other blogs. I could never figure out how to find other blogs to read, so I got this. I started with a blog and it was called “Crap Mary Says” and it was basically ramblings and just a variety of stupid stuff I said, in the end I didn’t like the name or what I felt like I had to write. So I stopped.

When I started on WordPress I also had another blog and if any of you are here from my first few weeks at college you might remember me reblogging stuff from it because I was still getting used to the sight. It was mrmilligan13 and for whatever reason that was my default blog to post on so I did for a little. I can’t remember if I ever wrote anything big on there either. The reason I didn’t want to use that one is because it was too easy to find. I didn’t tell anyone about my blog for five months, and I never really thought I was going to if I’m being honest.

I had a third blog, and it probably still exists out there somewhere but I don’t remember what site it was on, what it was called, anything like that. It was used to review books I read on Wattpad. I used that one for like a solid day. Way to go me.

I’m sure there have been more attempts because I have been interested in blogging since I was really young. In the fifth grade I had a website (dad if you remember what it was called text me please!) when email was really big, and I would email it to everyone in my address book and ask them to go and write comments on it for me. I’m not sure if I ever posted anything on it, but I know I replied to every single comment (like I still do). This just makes me laugh, and I’m happy that I finally found one that I’ve really cliqued with.

Look forward to a post on why all of this started and why I love blogging in August on the anniversary of this blog! Just to let you guys know I’m insanely busy this week and that’s why everything is going up a lot later this week. I’m sorry, thanks for reading!




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