Packing Tips

HA I hope you opened this thinking you would be getting helpful hints to packing but instead I’m going to help you know what not to do. I would like to point out that when I got here I was really organized because I was excited and well to leave I’ve procrastinated. A lot. In fact I’m still not done. So really quickly going to tell you how not to pack.

  • Do not throw everything into random bins and boxes, you will not know where anything is.
  • Do not try and pack multiple sections/parts/areas of a room at the same time, you’ll miss something in one or multiple of the sections.
  • Don’t leave any area of the room covered. Make sure you look everywhere.
  • Don’t take things out of boxes.
  • Do not start cleaning something out unless you are prepared to finish cleaning it.
  • Do not put things you want with trash
  • Do not put trash with things you want
  • Do not just throw clothes in something
  • Don’t mix dirty and clean clothes
  • Don’t just throw breakable things in boxes, make sure you know where they are
  • Don’t put things you use a lot with things you don’t use
  • Don’t let your room look like this picture while you pack

So here’s a picture of what my room looks at the moment if you feel bad about how yours looks, just remember it could be worse.

photo (5)

Hopefully the quality of my posts will improve tomorrow and the rest of summer. Stress ends tomorrow my friends! Thanks for reading!




3 responses to “Packing Tips”

  1. unsolicitedtidbits Avatar

    Good tips :)

  2. […] no organization system for anything when I put everything back there. So no I did not follow my own packing tips because I procrastinated way too much to pack up in May. I have a lot to do. My goal this time is […]

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