“The Rules for Disappearing”: A Review

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My 12 year old sister has reached that age where kids books are too easy, but teen books can be risky. As someone who loves to read, I was ever so kind to take her to the bookstore and help her try and find something new. We found two books and decided that I would read them first to make sure it was okay. The first book is The Rules of Disappearing by Ashley Elston. With the exception of some swearing (which I told my parents about) I think she will enjoy the book. Anyway, even though it was a good book for her, I thought it was an easy read for just about anyone.

The basic premise is that the main girl, at first we know her as Meg, and that she’s in the witness protection program. The majority of the book is her trying to figure out why exactly her family had to enter while dealing with an alcoholic mother, a struggling relationship with her father, trying to care for her little sister, working and of course falling in love. I found Meg to be a strong character, but every time she talked about her original identity I felt annoyed by that character. If you asked me I think that the program made her a better person. The supporting characters like her sister Mary, Ethan, her manager Pearl, the parents, and the people she refers to as “suits” had very intricate relationships, not only with her but with each other.

I found that Elston, did an excellent job tying all of  Meg’s lives together. I’m not sure how accurate the information was on the witness protection program is, but if it’s not it certainly seems believable. The actual rules for a person who is in the witness protection program are located at the beginning of each chapter, which was interesting, but I did not always find that it tied in with the theme of the chapter.

Overall I found this to be a good easy read. It exposes a story I don’t think many of us ever really think about which always intrigues me. I would really suggest it as a good summer read to just about anyone. Happy reading!



Side note- to all the mothers out there especially my  mom, and my nonni for being awesome, and my grandmother watching over me, Happy Mother’s Day!


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