Blogging in the Future

I was exploring the internet trying to find inspiration like I normally do when I’m stuck for a post on Sunday nights. I also stumbled upon some mommy blogs, which I love by the way, that’s really weird though. That made me think about the future. I mean hopefully I’m still blogging by that stage in my life, if I ever want to be a mom, but that would be a huge change for me. Right now, I rant, I make lists, I share what I want, will that change will the future? I hope not.

It’s weird to think about that five years from now I’ll have a job (let’s pray I do at least), I could be travelling, I could even be considering marriage and family life more so than now. Five years from now my life will be completely different.

I think it will be interesting to see how not only I but other bloggers I follow start to evolve. I mean most of the one I read I try to relate to, so most just finished their freshman year of college. I hope they’re all still blogging at that point because by then we’ll be moving on to graduate schools, starting families, moving around the country/world. I don’t know it just freaks my mind out. I think it’ll be cool to look back not only on myself, but them as well to see how much their lives have changed.

The thing that seems most peculiar to me, is that one day I’m not just going to wake up and be a mommy/grow-up blogger, it will happen gradually. One day I’ll stop tagging college/university in my posts, one day parent might be there instead. My average adventures instead of walking around the city my college is in there could be appartment/house tours. These aren’t going to be sudden changes though, it’s not going to be out of the blue. It will be a gradual change and that’s so weird.

Future blogging will be so different from current blogging, but it’s one of those things like the quote “day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different” and I guess that just applies to everything.

Leave me your thoughts about what you will be blogging in the future because it’s exciting and weird all at the same time!




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