Burns and Emergency Rooms

Since the majority of my readers haven’t met me and have limited contact with me I would like to share with you that I am one of those people. Yes, when something happens to me you may hear one of my friends say “only Mary” and they couldn’t be more right.

Let me tell you a story about my day. I work in a place that contains lots of hot things. Today what harmed me was water. I was brewing coffee, well that was the plan at least. I didn’t notice that someone else had already and I pulled out the part where you put the coffee in and it was filled with boiling water that poured down my hand and a little bit on my arm. It didn’t even hurt at first so I wiped off the coffee and set up the new pot and that’s when the pain set in. I quickly ran off to put some burn gel on it and it didn’t do anything! I was still in so much pain.

I continued working until 8 when my manager decided that I had enough and sent me home. I showed my parents and no one knew what to do. So my mom and I walked down to my neighbors, who’s a nurse. She told us to go to e-care but it was too late so the first time in 19 years I had to go to the ER. It wasn’t bad at all though, I went right in and the doctor came told me that I had all first degree burns, with one that has potential to turn into a second degree burn. At least that’s what I understand.

It’s one of those things that “only Mary”. Well guys thanks for reading. Here’s a funny little story for the night.




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