Kids of the Internet

It’s 11:20 pm and I am just now starting today’s blog post and as I write this sentence I have no idea what direction or topic this blog post will gravitate towards, I’m just hoping my fingers find a topic pretty quickly. Okay got it.

Today we have what I like to call the kids of the internet. This is more than the Shaytard children, the singing duo of Sophia Grace and Rosie, Baby Glitter, or even Chloe the face of meme’s everywhere, but we have everyone’s child. I am not saying this is wrong at all, it’s just very different. Right now for my #tbt or throwback Thursdays for those of you who don’t use Instagram, but they’re from like last year, tops they’re from two years ago. I don’t have baby pictures readily available for me to post every week, however if that’s still a trend when these kids are older all they’ll have to do is log on to their mom’s/dad’s/any family member’s Facebook, Instagram, or twitter and they’ll have a plethora to choose from.

I think it’s interesting that most kids born today and from now on most of their lives will be documented on the internet. From first words, to steps, to first day of school, to last day of school, every second that could possibly be documented will be. I think this is great for memories. I can’t go back and look on my first steps (at least not that I know of), I only know my first words because my mom told me, I think it’s great that all of that information will be readily available for kids to find when they want to know it, however I don’t think we are valuing moments because of this new ability to record everything.

Do you have a memory from your childhood that you just cherish? There’s no photo evidence of it, but it’s just one of those things that you will always remember, kids now will have less of those. I know my parents forgot the camera a lot of the time, but I don’t think negatively impacted my experience doing things. I was always relieved that my parents weren’t the ones flashing the camera all the time obnoxiously obstructing everyone else’s views at elementary school concerts.  Now that’s every parent because there’s such a good camera on a cell phone and that’s always with them.

I’m interested to see how social media impacts today’s children when they’re older mostly just because it’s all right there for anyone to see already, what about when everything you post right now is readily available for them to see?

Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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