Brain Blocked: Favorite TV Shows

It’s nearly 11 and if I didn’t have this internship I would just be starting my post for the night, however, now I have to be up early to get ready for work. So I’m cheating today. This is for everyone on summer break with Netflix and online streaming and who are bored out of their minds. These are just my favorite shows that I watch on Netflix or on TV or on the internet. Basically just my favorite shows.

  • Grey’s Anatomy- Have you seen Jackson Avery? If you have I don’t know how you can’t like the show.
  • Degrassi- I’ve been addicted for a few years now, and it’s not that interesting, it just has me hooked.
  • The Bachelorette- I feel like every teen girl now, catching onto the craze.
  • Orange is the New Black- Great, funny show. Seriously go ahead binge watch the first two seasons. I finished the second one in less than a week, it’s leaving me wondering, when’s season three coming out?
  • Friends- Nick at Nite starting at 10 or 11 and nothing beats the classics.
  • Boy Meets World- MTV during the day and ABCFamily at night, again nothing beats the classics.
  • Saved By the Bell- MTV in the morning or afternoon, seriously, how can you not love this show?
  • The Office- Michael Scott. Plus now that I work in the office some of the characters seem comparable to real life people, not as extreme but it’s still funny.
  • Parks and Rec- I love Amy Poehler, but probably because of this show. I just feel like I want to be Leslie somedays.
  • House- Drama, it’s just a good show to have on as background noise.

Sorry for the short crappy post! I have ideas written down it’ll just take some time to get there.



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