Why I Blog.

Today officially marks (okay late tonight/early tomorrow) the first day that I posted on this blog. I’ve been on WordPress for a year and a halfish now, but I never really stuck with anything before that. I’m honestly not sure why this one stuck, I always tried other blogs and I think I said before that while I didn’t quite adjust to college I found this a place that I could fit in and get my thoughts out. I actually found this really helpful when I was anxious, just writing everything that I was feeling and finding people that felt the same ways really helped too.

When I first started college it was basically an update every post, they were typically very short and there were far too many errors. I mean I still don’t double check myself, which is bad, but a year ago it was far worse. At first the posts were once a month, once every other week, once when I felt like it essentially. I remember the first comment I ever got and it was from the only person that kept me on WordPress, she no longer uses her blog but I will be forever grateful that she helped me and I just hope wherever she is, she’s okay. If it wasn’t for her comments I would’ve forgotten about my blog, I would’ve let it be, thinking that it was whatever, but because of her, I got on to read her blog, respond back and forth to comments.

After she left WordPress I was sucked in. I slowly had been following more blogs, talking to more and more bloggers. The New Year came around and I wanted to bring myself to the next level, how did I do that? I set the goal to blog everyday, a mistake, but I think it did help me improve my blog, I know what I like and I know what I don’t, next year I’ll focus on what I like.

I blog because it helps. It’s calming, relieving, it’s a diary that anyone can read. It has made me an open book, no questions needed. I blog because I fit in, there’s someone else like me out in the world, I’m not alone. I’ve made friends like Hiba and I talk to people not only on the other side of the country, but the other side of the world. It’s amazing how connected I’ve become just by some words that I wrote down and hit publish.

Within the year that I’ve been blogging a lot has changed in my personal life, and it’s been good and bad, but someone’s always there for me now. I don’t feel alone anymore. I’ve found people who inspire me, people who understand me, and people who just make me laugh or smile.

Honestly, in the past year of blogging I’ve learned a lot about myself. One year down, endless to go.




2 responses to “Why I Blog.”

  1. Mary,

    I’m so glad that you feel at home blogging! Trust me when I say that not only have others helped you, but you’ve helped others as well! For the record, I don’t think you setting a goal of posting every day is stupid; I think it’s admirable.

    1. Thank you! I think it was stupid because I write stupid things sometimes just to get a post up if that makes sense.

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