IHOP: The Perfect First Date

IHOP is my obsession as you may know. I also happen to think that is the perfect place for a first date. Why? Because you can share a pot of coffee. Also you can tell a lot by a person by what they order at IHOP on a first date. For example, I would definitely order chocolate chip pancakes and sausage, but I wouldn’t get the chocolate batter because I wouldn’t want to seem too crazy. Personally, I would probably be offended if he ordered something that wasn’t breakfast. Why? Because you don’t take someone to IHOP without intending to order pancakes or some other breakfast food!

IHOP is also reasonably priced especially if you cut your order down. This way when the check comes it’s not awkward to split or pay for if you want to pay for it. I don’t go on dates so I have never experienced this so called awkward encounter.

If you have a first date go to IHOP. Also if you’re a male who likes me and you’re reading this, take me to IHOP for our first date. It will make you much more desirable and likeable. You’re welcome.



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