Simple Ways to Care for YOU

I know often forget to take care of myself. Between papers and just getting distracted by dumb things like watching YouTube videos or just not caring enough. Taking care of yourself is very important and it can be very simple so here are my simple ways to care for you!

  • Drink lots of water. Hydration is like the cure all thing for anything. I mean not anything but it helps a lot.
  • Swap out fries for rice at dinner or a vegetable if they aren’t too scary looking. Just staying away from fried food period can really help.
  • Rather than sitting in vegetation watching Netflix for 12 hours go on a walk or ride a bike.
  • Read a book that you want to read. That little break from all the educational reading you do for classes can be really relaxing yet still mentally rewarding.
  • Take time off for you. As an introvert I have to do this often, lock myself away in my room from people. There are some people that don’t bother me, but most people do and I need to escape. I think this is healthy for everyone, time alone with just your thoughts and time for you things.
  • Yoga or other stretching. I have tried and failed several times at yoga and I end up laying on the floor but after long periods of studying or just laying around a good stretch can really help to wake you up and make you move.
  • Staying ahead of any colds by taking vitamin c whenever I feel anything close coming on.

What are you tips for taking care of yourself?



One response to “Simple Ways to Care for YOU”

  1. Good advice, Mary. I agree that it’s important to rest, but not too much and that in some way or another, we need to excercise. Also, instead of watching so much TV (I for one am guilty of this), you should occassionally read something you WANT to read instead of something for school. Also, remembering to walk around even if it’s in your house is important and to give your mind a break!

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