Go Away Winter.

I hate winter so much. So much so that I spent a decent amount of time trying to find somewhere that I could live that is the same temperature, specifically 75 degrees year round and I found either Sydney or South Africa so in about ten years you guys will know where to find me. It’s too cold and I hate the way the heater makes the room feel. It gets so stuffy so the window is open which just makes it freezing.

All I want to do is curl up in my blankets with Netflix and some decaf coffee. I’ve been using my laptop charger back thing as a foot warmer and my guess is that’s either dangerous or not healthy.

Winter is disgusting and I hate it. I also hate the heat. My prime weather is 70 and rainy, the highest temperature I’m willing to bear is 77 and lowest is 55. Snow is simply unacceptable. Wind and cold also unacceptable. Wind is only acceptable at night when it’s helping me sleep.

I suppose I’m very high maintenance when it comes to weather. I will search the globe until I find somewhere to live with acceptable temperatures year round. Otherwise I might settle in Maine for the summer and Florida for winter, however an escape from the east coast for a portion of my life would be nice too.

Where do you suggest I live? I’ve spent winters in both Maryland and Pennsylvania and they’re essentially the same except Maryland is bipolar. Let me tell you, Maryland is a weird state in general. People don’t yield and they really love their flag.

What’s your ideal temperature?



4 responses to “Go Away Winter.”

  1. San Diego gets a little warmer than you like, but there is always a cool breeze and it does not get very cold. I wish I could just hibernate all winter like a bear! LOL I think that is the best solution. :)

    1. That would be GREAT! Hahah

  2. My ideal temperature is about 70 degrees as well, although I’m not into the whole rain thing; I’d rather it be 70 and sunny. I don’t know where you should live to be in your ideal temperature, but I do know I know where you’re coming from. I hate being freezing cold but I also can’t stand being really warm. I don’t get how some people love when it’s like 90 degrees!

    1. I can’t breathe when it’s that hot!

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