Furby: The Ultimate Present.




A seemingly cute and innocent toy, Furbys have been around since at least the time I was about 4 or 5. That Christmas I really wanted, so I believe it was Santa who delivered. The cute toy turned into a nightmare. I remember being fairly afraid of the toy for quite sometime, leaving it at my cousins house in his closet for a while, and then at some point I got it back and it lived in my closet for a long while. By now you may be wondering why on earth this makes such a great Christmas present if it’s so terrifying? Well let me tell you it’s perfect.

  • Have an enemy? They get a furby.
  • Have a best friend that you’re annoyed at? They get a furby.
  • Your sister took all of your clothes while you were away at college? She gets a ferby.
  • Your mom said something she wasn’t supposed to? She gets a furby.
  • Your dad forgot your birthday? He gets a furby.
  • Your brother ruined your favorite sweater? He gets a furby.
  • A child you want to scare? They get a furby.
  • A baby who might be entertained? They get a furby.

Happy Holidays everyone! Go buy some furbies.


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