Yes, I will wear leggings as pants.

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and hearing a lot of things about women not wearing leggings or yoga pants because they believe that they entice men to look at them in a way that only a husband should look at a wife. There is nothing wrong with this belief, it’s just not for me. 

Leggings are my favorite pants. I am all about comfort and not about jeans. Here’s the thing friends, if a guy looks at me in a lustful way because of the way I dress that is not my fault. It is not my fault that a man cannot control his lustful urges and I’m not going to modify the way I dress and my comfort levels so that a man does not look at me in sin. It is not my problem that a man sees me in my leggings (which I doubt they do). I do not believe that this mean I am dressing immodestly either. You can see the outline of my legs in skinny jeans, and the only outline you cannot see in regular jeans is my ankles. This is reverting me back to the idea in order to dress modestly I must wear long length dresses and skirts so that I do not reveal to much of myself to anyone.

If this is a lifestyle choice that a woman wants to make there is nothing wrong with that however, I will still wear my leggings. I will not worry that my legs are corrupting a man with impure thoughts, because in my opinion when it comes down to it, who’s problem is that? I don’t think it’s mine. What if it causes women to have impure thoughts when a man doesn’t wear a shirt out at the beach? He obviously doesn’t care about that so why should I worry about my leggings? I’m not going to.

There are plenty of decisions women have the ability to make and I do think that some of us focus our dress on how a man will view us- in either good or bad ways, I’m just not worried about it. It’s okay to wear long skirts to hide any figure and it’s okay to wear leggings. It’s all about what each individual woman feels comfortable with. I’m lazy therefore my love of leggings and yoga pants and other non-pocketed pants will continue. I’m comfortable with the way I look in them and that opinion does not revolve around that of a man’s. That is strictly what I think about my leggings and I will enjoy wearing them year round. Not at work because that’s not professional, but if I’m going to the mall it’s fine. If I’m going to class, that’s fine. As long as you are comfortable in what you are wearing it shouldn’t be affected by others opinions of you.

Make your own informed decisions about what you want to wear and what you want to do with your body. My personal opinion is that I’m not going to be affected by the way men think or look at women, that’s not my problem. They can control themselves and I can wear what I’m comfortable in.

So today I will go to class in my leggings and Mickey Mouse sweatshirt because it’s snowing and that’s what I’m comfortable with and I’m pretty sure that my decision to do so is not going to impact anyone else. If you like or are comfortable doing something do it, don’t let someone else’s thoughts or opinions change you.


2 responses to “Yes, I will wear leggings as pants.”

  1. Mary,
    I agree with you. While I’m not a fan of leggings myself (because I personally find them uncomfortable), I agree that it is not your fault if a guy thinks you look attractive in leggings. I don’t think leggings qualify as dressing in a “sleezy” manner, it’s not like you’re wearing skirts that are really short. I agree that you should wear what makes you comfortable.

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