You Only Live Once?


Okay so yes, this is super cliche title and I wish I could say I hate when people say this, but I really take this statement to heart. I am a full believer that you really need to take advantage of every opportunity and every experience that you can because of this.

I have some issues with FOMO. I’m always afraid that by not taking an experience I’m going to miss something great, but I’m also afraid that if I take it I’ll miss something just as important. When I was deciding to study abroad this was something I struggled with because I knew I would miss out on stuff at home, but if I decided not to do it it’s something I would have regretted the rest of my life, which is how I feel about a lot of my decisions.

The problem I bring it all back to is anxiety. When I went to Rhode Island last summer no one else wanted to look at the sailboats when we stopped on the way home, I’m still mad at myself for not going to look. I just have this huge regret mindset for some reason and it drives me crazy. I think this makes me the type of person to say yes even when I maybe shouldn’t.

I want to do it all. That’s my problem, my fear of missing something because opportunities only arise so often that I fear if I don’t take them I’m going to miss something great. In the end, if I miss something, I just have to trust that it wasn’t meant to be, which just takes a lot of convincing on my part.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I on my own?

I guess my advice for anyone on this problem would be do as much as you can so you can live without regret, and if you do miss an opportunity, there has to be a reason why you couldn’t do it, but don’t make those excuses so you don’t do something. We are only on the Earth for so long so you might as well make the best of it and thank God for every second.



2 responses to “You Only Live Once?”

  1. Anxiety is a huge factor I have major depressive disorder and it stops me from living

    1. I’m sorry, I totally understand. I’m sure that’s very frustrating. Hopefully one day it will get better!

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