The Internet Tells You Everything You Need to Do Before You Die/Get Married/Do Anything

The internet is constantly telling me what to do. Do you know what I mean? Like I can’t get on Facebook without seeing five or six articles on the “100 Things Every College Girl Needs to Know” or “50 Places You Need to See Before You Die” or “10 Things You Must Do Before You Marry Him” and my question is: How did anyone survive without the internet?

Now, everyone knows that I’m obsessed with the Internet and how it causes people to interact with one another. However, what I cannot stand is all of those articles that every girl from your high school shares on Facebook. I think my issue is that I don’t like it when people tell me what to do.

Here’s the thing life is a personal thing. There are not 100 things you need to know, those 100 things are up to you. Sure take a look at the 50 places to see before you die to see if there’s anything that you can add to your bucket list, but if you have no desire to go to see Mt. Rushmore, don’t do it. Also, I feel like you should know if you’re ready to marry someone and maybe, if you’re looking at articles about it you aren’t really ready.

Like yes these articles are sometimes fun to read, but that doesn’t mean they need to define your relationship. I’ve read a lot recently that are about friendship, and it’s like you haven’t reached best friend status until they hold your hair while you puke after a night of drinking, and I just want to say, well I don’t want to get so drunk that my friends feel that it’s necessary to hold my hair, that doesn’t make our friendship any less because they haven’t had to do that.

While yes, some of them are inspiring or provide a good message or even are good for a laugh, sometimes I just feel like some them are intrusive. Maybe it’s because I have anxiety and I feel like a failure if I don’t see then 50 things to see before you die. They’re an easy article to write and people know they’re going to be popular. I’m sure I’ve written some in the past, shared some on Facebook, however, I think everyone needs to remember that those aren’t the end all be all to life. You’ll be fine.

Sorry about the rant.


6 responses to “The Internet Tells You Everything You Need to Do Before You Die/Get Married/Do Anything”

  1. Don’t apologize for your thoughts, Mary, you’re exactly right! I don’t think it’s awful to have opinions on what to do/see, etc., but you’re right. Life is a very personal thing and everyone’s experiences are different. For example, like you said, maybe I don’t want to see all the places mentioned on a list of places to see before I die and maybe my preferences are different.

    The thing you mentioned about “friend status” is so true! How is someone to say what defines “true friends status”? If I don’t hang around people who get drunk or if I don’t, then what? They’re not my “true friends”? I think that some of those lists are just meant to be for fun. The issue is when someone tries to force it as truth or fact on someone else. Great post!

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