UPDATED Netflix Suggestions

Are you ready for a lot of snow days? Or just a Saturday that you don’t want to do anything but veg out in front of the TV (literally me everyday)? Well I’ve got you covered for at least a few binge sessions.

A long, long time ago, I gave some of my favorite shows on Netflix, however, in the two and a half years since I’ve watched a LOT of shows and have a whole list of new favorites.  To be honest, a lot of them will be kind of weird and creepy because that’s what I’ve been into lately so keep that in mind.

  1. 3% — I watched this with Aleyna and I think there were probably a few nights where we stayed up past my bedtime to get another episode in. It was one of those shows that if I wasn’t watching it with someone I would have finished it in a day. Originally in Portuguese, so the mouths and words don’t line up very well, but it is very good. It is a society where only 3% of the population can make it to the promise land and live happily and peacefully.
  2. The 100 — This was recommended to me by my blogging accountability buddy and friend, Katie. I think I watched it in a week. Three seasons (which is always a plus for me) that are a little creepy but really good.
  3. The OA — Amazing. Only one season, but truly amazing.
  4. The Office — Okay so maybe this was one the last one too, but really, you need to watch it and if you haven’t yet, what are you doing? Guaranteed to make you laugh at least once or I’ll do a cartwheel for you because that’s pretty impressive.
  5. Scrubs — Another funny show. I was watching it to fall asleep to, but I got sucked it and ended up staying up to watch it, so I went back to How I Met Your Mother for that, but it is really funny. I had seen an episode here and there, but not the whole series, and it’s really funny. The last season is a little disappointing, but it’s still really good.
  6. Stranger Things — Okay not to be that person, but I did watch the whole season the day it came out and before it was super hyped. If I would’ve heard about it after all the hype, I probably wouldn’t watch it just because it was too much for me. However, it was so good and totally worth the hype around it. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out.
  7. Black Mirror — Each episode is different and each episode will confuse the heck out of you but in the best way.
  8. Quantico — So good. I was staying caught up with it on TV but of course I lost my spot and I’ll catch up once the season is on Netflix. However, it’s about the FBI training school and someone in the group committed an act of terror. The way it is set up, is a back and forth way of things which is pretty cool.
  9. Containment — Watching as I write this. I guess I’m kind of into sci-fi-ish shows right now. It is about when a virus breaks out and a portion of Atlanta is under lock down. I highly recommend it.
  10. Good Girls Revolt — Well this is not technically on Netflix, but Amazon Prime. However, it had to make the list just because I could not stop watching it. It’s about a newsroom in the 1960s and it’s so good. The feminism is perfection. It makes you want to change the world. It’s set to be cancelled, but I am hopeful that someone will pick it up.

What are you currently binge watching? Or just regular watching?



6 responses to “UPDATED Netflix Suggestions”

  1. I liked the first season of Quantico, but after that, I didn’t watch it after the first episode of the second season. I just lost interest. Here are my favorites that I started watching on Netflix: Supernatural (own all the seasons up to now), Prison Break (great show!), Crossing Jordan (currently watching on Netflix) and much more!

    1. You’ll have to send me the others! I am always looking for new shows!

      1. I just started watching The Magicians too. Pretty interesting!

        1. Oo that does sound interesting!

  2. 3% was AMAZING, much better than I thought it was going to be. I’m currently watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries I didn’t think I was going to like it but I absolutely love it. I just finished watching Hinterland, Travelers and Between.

  3. Started watching The Handmaid’s Tale..Like it very much!

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