Friendships: Where are they now?

So guys I’m still procrastinating on this paper so I decided to give you guys two posts in one day just because I was so flighty over break. 

Friends. This is something that I believe to be in the mind of every college freshman.  We have friends at home, friends  from school, friends from church, friends from work, and if you’re anything like me friends from a trip.  I was afraid to leave them behind.  All I had ever heard about going to college is meeting people that are going to be your friends for life, I didn’t want that at all. I had four best friends back home that I wanted to be my friends for life, but college didn’t change that.  I came into college with the idea that I had to get along with people, which I do. I’ve probably only met two or three people I can see myself being friends with for the rest of my time here- that is of course if I chose to stay here, but even after these four years are over (by the way one of these is my friend Logan, and you guys should check out her blog  

One thing college has shown me though is the friends that are going to stick by you through everything, and it may be those that you least expect.  My friend Hannah and I will always be best friends, even though we hardly ever talk she’s one of those people that I can tell anything to and not be judged, only accepted. We can go months without talking but when we’re together it’s like we were never apart. My friends Lindsay, Katie, and Jade are amazing. We are constantly in contact with each other, via group message, and Lindsay and I nearly Google Chat nearly everyday, I know they’re always there for me.  Now those are the four I didn’t want to lose. During high school I had managed to lose several friends, sad, I know but I knew they weren’t good for me so I had to move on.  It’s surprising to me those from high school that have stuck around.  I’m still friends with the class president, which I never thought I would be. I’m still friends with a lot of people from church and that surprises me because we were never that close but we have grown closer now than before. I’m also still in contact with a lot of people from work and I talk and hang out with them outside of work too.  

Now maybe these friendships may change as time goes on and maybe I will lose more friends and gain some more here at college or if I transfer. It is comforting however to see that I was still able to maintain great friendships with those who meant a lot to me at home as well as still make a few friends here at college.  I don’t even doubt that I’ll be losing anyone of major importance in my life any more, I’ll only make new friends and expand my circle.



4 responses to “Friendships: Where are they now?”

  1. hi mary, i’m a senior in college and i tell you that true friends will always be your friend even though you’re separated by distance and time. the bond between me and my bestfriends never really changed even though we went to different universities after high school. those who wanted to stay will stay. :)

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