The Girl Behind the Glasses

In fairy tales when a girl’s glasses are taken off she is suddenly the most stunning girl in the world. Not in real life, well at least for me. If you take off my glasses, right now you would see my eyebrows that are a little bit bushy and unruly at the moment due to the lack of maintenance I’ve been putting into my appearance lately. You would also notice that most of my makeup has worn off and the dark circles under my eyes are showing along with that little red spot I hate so much. I am more than my glasses and what they cover.

I am the girl behind the glasses. In fairy tales the girl is so much more appealing when she can’t see ten feet in front of her, what about her personality? The girl behind the glasses stayed up too late reading by the light of hallway through the cracks in the door in elementary school. The girl behind the glasses picks at her nails a little too much when she’s bored or nervous. The girl behind the glasses writes all the time but never lets anyone read it. The girl behind the glasses is afraid of stupid things like public restrooms with only one toilet inside and talking on the phone, but has no problem standing up in front of thousands to make a speech. The girl behind the glasses may hide from the world at sometimes but she loves to watch people and observe. She might decide to go out alone, but she’s okay.

The girl behind the glasses is so much more than the scratched lens and bushy eyebrows. She might have a scar on her hand, but the less noticeable one on her heart makes it hard for her to trust and put herself out there. She wishes for a better tomorrow and a future that she can change. She hopes to make a difference, be more than a girl behind the glasses.

The girls that hide behind their glasses are so much more than that. So much more than a pair of glasses on a face. A personality with that.


Mary. (A girl behind some glasses)

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