Harry Potter is the Best

I got a little book shelf happy, not even sorry.
I got a little book shelf happy, not even sorry.

I’m too busy enjoying my evening to write a real post. So I thought I would just let you know that I love Harry Potter so I’m spending my evening watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I also went to IHOP with my friend Rosemary. Our names are so funny, I’m Mary Rose and she’s Rosemary!

Anyway, Ron is currently snogging the girl who’s name I won’t bother to learn and Hermione is crying and Harry is trying to make her feel better. I have the feels so I want to get back to my movie. This is obvious the best film and book of the series because everything ties together. How perfect. Anyway that’s all I have tonight, leave your favorite film (Harry Potter or other) so I can watch it this weekend!



2 responses to “Harry Potter is the Best”

  1. I’m not really sure what my favorite film is, but something that I find interesting about Harry Potter is its ability to bring people together. I wear a Harry Potter shirt on campus and I not only have my peers start conversations with me about Harry Potter, but also my professors. In Fact, just today my French TA (who is from France) geeked out with us about Harry Potter. It’s just amazing how almost everyone in the world loves the series.

    1. I wear my shirts and no one says anything! I think I’ve only gotten one or two comments and it’s very disappointing. That’s so cool though, what at good way to make friends!

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