Sequels: Why Bother?

So I’m still watching movies like nobody’s business (don’t worry I’m still doing my work) and I found out that there was a “Prince and Me 2” and of course I would want to watch it since I have a soft spot for “The Prince and Me”. So I turn it on and since I’m working on a paper I really just have it as noise for a little bit, I then go to look at it and THE WHOLE ENTIRE CAST IS DIFFERENT. I don’t get the point.

There a few times where a sequel is ever necessary or even close to how good the first movie is. I would personally give this one two thumbs down and I cannot bring myself to watch the next two that would complete the series because there is another cast change and I’m sure it just gets progressively worse. This brings me to the question of why do we bother with sequels?

Other than things that are started off with the intention to be a series or High School Musical, sequels suck. I mean High School Musical 2 sucks but the third one is really good. However, name a sequel that’s good please? Or if it’s good does it have the same plot line as the first movie because that seems to be a popular trend too.

I think we are at a point in time where we need to say no to sequels and yes to originals. I think we need more originality out there and less sequels and the same things over and over again. I’m tired of being excited for a second movie but it turns out to be a piece of crap. I should just quit while I’m ahead and only watch the first film instead of all the ones following, especially if I really like it. Does anyone else feel this way?



2 responses to “Sequels: Why Bother?”

  1. Happy Lifeaholic Avatar
    Happy Lifeaholic

    Oh my gosh! Yes the whole cast change got me too! And I hated the second one because the second actress wasn’t as good. Ugh…why bother having a sequel, if you can’t even get the cast to stay?! Sequels are silly in most cases…unless they’re for thing like Harry Potter, in which case they’re part of a series and don’t exactly qualify as sequels.

    1. They didn’t even try to make them look similar! I was so disappointed. Right!

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