A Private or Public Blog

For a long while I decided to keep my blog a secret, it was a place where I could go and write down where I was feeling without judgement from friends or family. It was a place where I could put all of my real feelings, my anxiety, my stress, my anger, a place where I could just write everything I thought and no one would know what I was talking about.

When I first shared my blog it was with Lindsay. I don’t know what made me tell my parents but something came up in conversation and I know my dad asked me if I minded if he read it and I didn’t. Shortly after that I decided to put it on Twitter and Instagram on the bio and then one day I made the link my Facebook status and the next day I like wrote about it in a status.

Personally I have received all positive feedback. I have a huge group of supportive friends and family. I don’t think anyone would tell me if they thought it was weird that my whole entire life is online to be honest. Maybe people from high school think it’s weird but they really aren’t my problem anymore. With my college friends it’s a little different because at the moment I feel very loved for and cared by the people I have been surrounding myself with. While a lot of the people are new I feel a lot more comfortable even though I’m adjusting to new people I feel a lot happier around them. I feel like I’m finally making good choices and finding people who accept me. A few of them read regularly and let me know what they think and I really appreciate that.

I would say the downfalls to a public blog is that I do feel as if I lost my ability to rant about people because they could see it. If you’ve been around a while, like since last December, there was a post that I wrote when I was very upset about some people who were intentionally leaving me out and since this was my private little corner they would never see it. Since making my blog public I have made it private. I actually went through all of my posts to make sure there was nothing I wouldn’t tweet in my posts and that’s what helped me to make the decision of whether or not the post would be public or private.

In the end the choice of you blog to be private or public is really up to you. The benefits of both are understandable. For me I love my blog being public I love that people can find out anything they want to know about me and I don’t actually have to talk about anything that I don’t want to verbally say if that makes sense. I will admit that I have a private blog that’s really just a diary since I don’t tag anything and it’s very hard to find, that way I can just get all of my thoughts that aren’t meant to be shared out.

Are you blogs private or public? I’m curious to whether or not people like to share this much with their family and friends.



5 responses to “A Private or Public Blog”

  1. Mary,

    I’m so happy that you found friends and people that care about you! I think there are a lot of benefits to having a public blog as you can communicate with others that share your feelings, though it can also be risky if you share too much with people you don’t know.

  2. I’ve been keeping mine private. The only person who actually knows about it is my boyfriend. I feel like with only having known I’ve had anxiety for a couple months, I’m still a tad nervous about sharing it with EVERYONE. And like you said, I like having a private corner where I can just talk about anything and not have to worry who sees it. Maybe I’ll tell people about it when I’m more comfortable, but for now I like just having you guys reading it. <3

    1. That makes a lot of sense! I totally understand that!

  3. Oh wow, you meant family and friends seeing it. I thought you meant people on the internet seeing it! A few of my friends and family know about it, lol.

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