Christmas Past

I’m 20 which means that this Christmas will be my 20th (I’m great at math) so I thought, why not share with you some pictures from a few of those 20 Christmases. In case you were wondering tomorrow will be Christmas present and then it will be Christmas future. I think it’s creative. I would … More Christmas Past

General Goals.

First and foremost if you have any questions that you have ever wanted to ask me plop them in the comments for the next time I do one of those question posts and I’ll start adding your questions to that! The end of the year is coming soon and I’ll be recapping my 2014 goals and … More General Goals.

I’m Thankful For…

  I made this collage and it ended up very small. The little font says that I couldn’t find pictures of everything and everyone I’m thankful for so just because you aren’t pictured doesn’t mean I don’t love and care for you so much. Just a clarification so no one thinks that I don’t love … More I’m Thankful For…

Birthday Celebrations

First and foremost, I was crap at taking pictures of my birthday at home, I took zero. Good job Mary. Anyway, on Thursday some of my friends (not all are pictured, because again I was crap at taking pictures) and I went to IHOP for my birthday, because IHOP is my favorite restaurant. We had … More Birthday Celebrations